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Cholesteatoma is a form of cyst, an abnormal growth of skin cells and connective tissues near the ear drum. These cysts are generally non-cancerous but they can keep growing larger with time. With time this can lead to serious discomfort, other complications as well as complete loss of hearing.

If you think that you or any of your loved ones are suffering from a Cholesteatoma then make sure to get an appointment from the best ENT doctor in Kolkata from RD ENT CENTRE for a proper check up.

Symptoms of Cholesteatoma:

  1. Chronic and frequent ear infections
  2. Trouble hearing or sudden loss of hearing
  3. Puss-like dark discharge from the ear or a discharge with a foul smell
  4. Dizziness or loss of balance
  5. Increased discomfort or pain inside the ear
  6. Feeling fullness or excess pressure inside the ear due to the growing cyst or Cholesteatoma
  7. Change in the sense of smell or taste
  8. Tinnitus or hearing a ringing noise inside the ear
  9. Blood-like discharge from the ear
  10. Inflammation or pain in the facial muscles

If you are suffering from these debilitating symptoms then act fast before it gets worse. Get an appointment from the best ENT specialist in Kolkata today, only at RD ENT CENTRE.


Unfortunately the only way to treat a Cholesteatoma is through surgery. The doctor will test your ear, discharge and other symptoms to diagnose your case and after a case of Cholesteatoma is confirmed, it has to be removed by surgery. The doctor will remove the cyst and reconstruct your eardrum, bones or any other tissue which has been damaged by the cyst.

RD ENT CENTRE houses the best ENT surgeon in Kolkata and therefore, you will be in completely trained and safe hands during your surgery and healing process. If you are suffering from the above symptoms do not let it worsen and risk losing your hearing completely. Cholesteatoma can be very painful and it can lead to other health complications as well.

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